*06/01/2024: Current crafting wait time is 2-weeks from online order date.


Thank you again for stopping by.  Here is a little snippet about myself, life before the shoe gig and how I ended up on a quest to find the lost art of handcrafted shoemaking:

  • I was blessed to be born and raised on the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain called Kaua'i.
  • I come from a line of fisherman and my great grandfathers worked the sugar cane plantations.
  • Coaching HS basketball is a huge part of my life, along with traveling and native Hawaiian history.
  • Servant to the most spoiled studio dog ever named Alana Ray. 
  • Grow up in a historic little town known for its mom and pop shops, art galleries, local craftsman, wood workers, photographers, independent artisans and the home of disneys lilo and stitch.
  • I believe a positive attitude and strong work ethic is just as important as talent.
  • I frequently think edit>undo in daily, non-digital life scenarios.
  • I have a strong, loving family, to whom I owe a great deal.
  • Soccer is a huge part of my life, along with football, fishing, and dinosaurs.
  • Design is obviously my life, but I’m not one of those crazy designers that gets mad when clients request a different typeface.

Again, I hope that you like my work. I would love to chat about working together!