*06/01/2024: Current crafting wait time is 2-weeks from online order date.

Human Shoes • Sandals

Original contemporary footwear designed to aid & restore feet to optimal function.  Manually crafted by artisan shoemaker Braxton Garma.  

Kōnea in the Hawaiian language translates to "restore to health".  Every shoe that is crafted is designed as an aid to restore your feet back to optimal function.  All shoes are made with flat minimal soles, natural toe box, flexible and constructed around the human foot.  Kōnea footwear uses a human foot shaped last (shoe form) only to attach outsoles and finish the process.  A method called slip lasting which is a non-traditional approach to shoemaking.  Although our approach maybe modern and open-minded.  The chief aim is traditional handcrafted quality & durability with a strong emphasis on creating footwear that can be refurbished by kōnea or repaired by your local cobbler.

The end goal is being able to live naturally,  barefoot without any aches, pains and having the choice to use foot protection or not.  The master key is having that choice and not being dependent on footwear due to fear of injury.  Keeping that end goal in mind, my design process is simple: innovate & craft with integrity.  KŌNEA FOOTWEAR was conceived because morally I didn't agree with the giants of the shoe industry.  Everything that is crafted is made in a tiny 450 sqft studio on the island of Kaua'i in Hawai'i.  Footwear available to be purchased in the online shop is made when ordered and/or produced in small batch quantities to encourage slower production schedules, with the intention to reduce waste in manufacturing.   All in all to give the consumer an alternative perspective on shoemaking.  The way of KŌNEA!