*10/30/23: Last call for 2023 orders is November 15th ~ All orders after 11/15 will be crafted in January of 2024.

The QUEST to find the lost art of handcrafted shoemaking

A Pacific Islander who's oceanic roots spread throughout Polynesia and the Southeast Asian Archipelago, Braxton Garma was born on the Island of Kaua'i in the Hawaiian Islands and raised in historic Hanapepe town.  Surrounded by local craftsmen, mom & pop shops and artist galleries at a young age.  He developed a keen interest for creative arts.  A fascination and curiosity with sneakers brought him on a shoemakers quest to New York City.  Where he was able to acquire sneaker making expertise and a consuming passion to learn more about the craft.  Persistent to gain more skills, his journey continued to Canada where he learned to make non-gender specific loafers, Veldtschoen boots & d'orsay style shoes for women.  Currently, Braxton is back home in Hawaii where he is quietly honing his skills in his home studio tucked away in the hills of the Garden Isle.  Garnering inspiration from native cultural arts, he is motivated to merge traditional shoemaking with his original contemporary designs.