*06/01/2024: Current crafting wait time is 2-weeks from online order date.

All Natural Kūkini Pono
All Natural Kūkini Pono
All Natural Kūkini Pono
All Natural Kūkini Pono

All Natural Kūkini Pono

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Handcrafted Leather Sandals


Meet the Kūkini sandals. Hawaiian texts and legends tell great stories of kūkini or Hawaiian runners. Often chosen because of demonstrated athletic ability. At a young age they were trained and logged long training miles through rugged terrain and difficult trails, worked on both speed and distance. Kūkini were employed by royal chiefs to work as swift messengers, spys and to complete tasks that required stealth and courage. They often ran barefoot however in certain situations they used what is called a Kāma'a La'i or Hawaiian twisted kī leaf sandal. A woven minimalist sandal from dried kī leaves (cordyline fruticosa plant) to cover their barefeet when trekking over sharp lava rocks and jagged rocks of the Pali (cliff).  This is my creative expression of those ancient Hawaiian sandals.

Kūkini Pono: Constructed with leather straps, leather heel cup and a 3mm leather footbed. On top of a 4mm vibram rubber sole. Hand stitched around the edges for added durability. Total thickness about 7mm. Designed with urban exploration in mind for harsher environments like hot asphalt, concrete etc...

  • 4 mm footbed made with hand cut A grade Herman Oak (St Louis, Missouri) vegetable tanned leather
  • Natural undyed 5oz (tanned in Europe) vegetable tanned leather anchor laces & heel straps.
  • 6oz Horween (Chicago, Illinois) bison leather heel cup.
  • Natural gum color 4mm crepe-lite rubber outsoles.
  • Silver Nickel rivet strap stays.
  • Hand burnished edges. 
  • Sealed with Hawaiian kukui nut oil.
  • Hand stamped KōNEA Footwear branding. 
  • Packaged with 272gsm military grade canvas drawstring bag. (No plastic) 

I suggest not using sandals in wet weather conditions unless you have experience drying and re-conditioning leather.  (Questions 📧mail: info@koneafootwear.com)


Please allow 4 to 16 days from placed order date for your unique pair of Kūkini Koa's to be crafted and shipped.  100% handmade with ALOHA from a few pair of hands. 

Custom Foot Tracing 

If you select the custom "mail in foot tracing" option.  Please get your foot tracing mailed to KōNEA Footwear ASAP.  Crafting of your pair will begin as soon as I recieve your copies in the order I recieve them.  Also, be on the lookout for a confirmation email stating that we have received your mailed in foot tracing.  If you have any questions please email sizing@koneafootwear.com and I will personally guide you through the process. 


 How to lace up Kūkini Pono's

All Natural Kūkini Pono
All Natural Kūkini Pono